Balmoral Funds Makes Investment in Silver Aero

Los Angeles – December 2015 – Balmoral Funds, a private equity fund based in Los Angeles, has agreed to form a partnership and make an investment in Silver Aero, a privately held company that sells and leases aftermarket aircraft engines, airframes and their associated parts.

The partnership sets the groundwork for future investments between Balmoral Funds and its operating partners, who have a strong, 15-year track record in the space. Balmoral’s initial investment will help fund the purchase of aircraft engines and airframes.  Balmoral and Silver Aero anticipate future investments together in conjunction with the growth of the company.

“After first meeting seven years ago, and exploring many deals together with our operating partners, we are excited to invest with them in this new vehicle” said Robin Nourmand, a Managing Director with Balmoral Funds.

About Balmoral Funds

Balmoral is a private equity firm focused on investing in corporate carve-outs, restructurings and other special situations. Balmoral’s investment strategy focuses on partnering with talented management teams to invest in and revitalize companies with strong market positions that are going through a period of transition or experiencing operating or financial challenges. Balmoral targets investments in companies that have historically generated $30 million to $300 million of revenues at their peak. Balmoral is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA and has a strong track record of structuring creative investments in challenged companies and returning them to financial stability and profitable growth.