Balmoral Invests in Aerospace Carve-out

An affiliate of Balmoral Funds has teamed up with an all-new senior management team to acquire Aero Interiors Company (“AIC”) from a Fortune 500 Aerospace and Defense company in March 2019. AIC is a custom aircraft interior manufacturing company who products are used in military and commercial sectors worldwide. It also designs specialized aircraft armor systems.

The CEO previously worked at AIC for ten years, including as President for several years, before selling AIC and moving on to run several other aerospace manufacturing companies. This acquisition represents an opportunity for the business to return to its founding family and enter an exciting new phase in its history.

“Balmoral is delighted to partner with such an excellent and well-aligned management team,” said Robin Nourmand, Managing Director of Balmoral Funds LLC.  “We are confident they have the right vision and talents to re-energize both the employee base and the customer base, and continue the company’s tradition of innovation, quality and customer service.  We look forward to a collaborative and prosperous partnership that creates a new future, taking this company to new heights.”