The Balmoral Approach.

Our investment style is tailored for management teams looking for a capital partner, large corporations divesting non-core assets, or constituencies involved in restructurings and reorganizations.

What We Do.

Balmoral is experienced in pursuing investment opportunities involving complex operational or financial challenges. We pride ourselves on being the preferred financial partner for sellers, who rely on us for the highest certainty of close, maximum value to relevant stakeholders and the resources to invest in any transformation the business needs.


Balmoral makes investments in companies that meet the following criteria.


$30 to $800 million

Investment Types

Control and shared-control investments in common and preferred equity securities. We will also consider debt securities in connection with an equity investment or warrant issuance.

Investment Size

$10 to $100 million of equity per transaction, with the capability of investing an additional $100 million or more in particularly compelling opportunities.


Balmoral pays investment banking, intermediary, and finder's fees.