About Us

Special Situations Private Equity Investors

Balmoral has approximately $1.5 billion of assets under management.

Founded in 2005 and based in Los Angeles, California. The Balmoral Team includes six investment professionals as well as more than a dozen Operating Advisors.

Balmoral is experienced in pursuing investment opportunities involving complex operational or financial challenges. We understand the significant commitment of time, resources, and professional turnaround experience required to unlock value within non-core, under-performing or distressed businesses. Accordingly, Balmoral helps creditors, workout groups, corporations with non-core assets, management teams seeking to buy businesses, ESOP trustees, receivers, company advisors and business-owners by providing equity infusions, acquiring non-core or challenged businesses, and/or recapitalizing balance sheets.

Undoubtedly, one of the most important elements of Balmoral’s approach involves identifying and partnering with excellent and principled management teams. This partnership approach often positions Balmoral as the right buyer who can offer the highest certainty of close, value to stakeholders and the key prospects to grow cash flows. Our management partners tend to share our conviction to catalyze change and build long-term value. To that end, our management partners typically invest meaningful equity alongside Balmoral in each of our transactions.

Investment Size & Types

$10 to $100 million of equity, with the capability of investing an additional $100 million or more in particularly compelling opportunities.

Generally, we invest in common and preferred equity securities. We are willing to invest in debt securities in connection with an equity investment or warrant issuance or in order to bridge transactions to a close without relying on third-party financing.

More information available on our fact sheet.

Investment Criteria

Balmoral Funds has years of experience in pursuing investment opportunities involving complex operational or financial challenges.


$30 to $800 million


North America


Considers investments in all industries.


Control and shared-control investments. Our investments always entail us being represented on the company’s Board of Directors


Balmoral pays investment banking, intermediary, and finder's fees.